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This is me here in the photo in the sparkly dress.  Dancing in my kitchen with my favourite humans - my supportive and gracious husband, and my three little babies.  If I had to describe me, I would like to think that I am easy going and that I have the capacity to see beauty in strange situations.  I am not conventional, I am open, honest and maybe a bit weird. 

I used to live in Brooklyn, New York and for over 10 years I was an event producer and logistics director doing major productions for companies like Google, Coca-Cola, Betsy Johnson and the New Yorker.  There are lots of others, just too many to name.  I worked hard, played hard and I was burning out, so I took a holiday to Belize.  About 3 weeks into this vacation my life changed.  I was was reading a book (Mr. Pipp) on the secluded beach and Jim walked by.  2 hours later he walked by again and said "hi"  We ended up going to dinner, and then traveling together for 2 months- through Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.  But, with in a week I was in LOVE, and it really did happen that fast. At the end of this trip, we both returned to our homes, and I did go back to work in New York.  But my heart was already in Australia, where Jim is from.  6 months later, I made the best decision of my life, I packed up the dream of living in the city and I moved to Cronulla.


This is my love story, our love note that we will tell our children over and over.  My kids will know these memories, and will be a part of this story and their children will know this love story.  They will see it through the years in our smiles, and tears, and we will remember it vivid because of the photos.

This is where you can find me today - writing love notes in photos.  We live in the cute little beach side suburb, Kurnell in a cottage, that we are taking our time with.  I am humbled by all of my blessing, and feel so fortunate to me able to do photography - an art that I have loved for many years.

All of my years in events and a little bit of Brooklyn is still alive in me.  This gives me the drive to climb a tree, scale a wall and to curate a perfect shot.   Let me help you write your love note.  The story that you will tell over and over again.

Stacie Pearce Photography
Photo Credit - Emma Wand Photography
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