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Wedding Photography Contract

To agree to the contract, please take the time to fill out the information below.



Stacie Pearce Photography will supply me with the following:

Stacie Pearce as my wedding photographer on date as 


From the hours between the hours of and [T!"E]# providing me with unlimited photography# su%e&t to e'ternal $arialeseyond their &ontrol (e)g)# weather# lo&ation*$enue restri&tions# light a$ailaility# s&heduling&ompli&ations due to lateness*willingness of indi$iduals+)

,asi& editing (&ontrast# toning# &ropping# e'posure+ and deli$ery of high resolutiondigital -les# no smaller than .#/// pi'els long edge# in 0PEG format# within ./ days of thewedding day# on 12, storage)


!# [34!E5T 6144 5A"E]# agree to pay a total of [A"O15T] to [PHOTOGRAPHER] for theirprofessional ser$i&es) ! understand that [A"O15T] of the alan&e represents a retainer fee thatgi$es me e'&lusi$ity to their ser$i&es on [DATE])1pon a&&eptan&e of this agreement# ! will pay Angus Porter Photographer [A"O15T] to se&uretheir ser$i&es and [A"O15T] upon &olle&tion of my wedding photos)! agree to pay for any additional photography &o$erage re7uired on [8EDD!5G DATE] anda&9nowledge that a fee of [RATE] will e &harged for any o$ertime re7uirements) ! agree to settlethe alan&e upon &olle&tion of my wedding photos)


! agree to notify [PHOTOGRAPHER] y phone*email at my earliest &on$enien&e should a &hange ofdate and*or $enue o&&ur) !n situations where the new $enue re7uires sustantial tra$el# ! agree topay for reasonale logisti&al e'penses)6urthermore# ! understand that [PHOTOGRAPHER] may e una$ailale on an alternate date) !nsu&h &ir&umstan&es# ! agree to liaise with [PHOTOGRAPHER] to -nd a mutually agreeale solution) !a&&ept that ! may forfeit some*all of monies paid)


1pon a&&eptan&e of this agreement and initial down payment# a &oolingo; period of two (<+usiness days is allowed for any &hangeofmind) After this period# ! a&&ept that no refunds for&hangeofmind will apply)

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